Probably the most common but annoying fashion questions there is, isn't it? Well here's the good news: With our measurement guide it will take less than a minute to answer this question once and for all.

Your shirts will never be too short again

During the course of one hot August week in summer 2015, we’ve turned Munich’s

English Garden into our private fitting room — here’s what we found out.

In fashion, standard sizes are generally a good approximation to determine what size fits our body shape. But more often than not, the proportions of standard size clothes, especially shirts, seems to be off.  The reason for this is simple: the width of your torso — the chest and waist measurement to be precise — doesn’t necessarily grow in linear dimensions to your height.

Still, most manufacturers develop their sizes as if our body proportions grow linear from size to size. A fact that leads to shirts which may fit in width but not in length.

During our stroll through Munich’s English Garden, we’ve talked to and took measures of over 150 guys. Most of them were slender and athletic in build, often answering the question about their normal shirt size with something to the effect of

this: “Well, I’m basically a “Medium” size but more often than not I have to buy a “Large” if I don’t want to turn my shirt into a belly top.” Sounds familiar?

For us, these statements were evidence enough to think about

additional long version shirts. At the end of our research, we decided to offer a complementary long version shirt for each of our standard sized models.

How this works? Well, we basically keep the measurement in width of our standard size version and add 3.5 cm or 1
3/8 inches in length. And we are pretty confident that this tweak will save the belly top problem for generations to come. And now go ahead and size yourself, so we can put one of those shirts into your hands in no time.

If you have further questions about long and standard sized versions,

feel free to check in with us: howdy@whytes.co

Size yourself in 2 simple steps

Taking your measurements is easy — and you only have to do it once!

With arms straight at sides, measure around the fullest part of your chest, placing the tape close up under your arm pit. Please make sure the tape is flat across the back.

With your nude torso straight, measure from the center of your shoulder down to your groin. Please make

sure the tape lays flat upon your body.

12 sizes available — Pick yours

With your body measurements at hand, go check the size chart below and determine your

actual shirt size. Our shirts are designed to be tight fitted in order to compliment your body shape.

If you are into slim fit shirts, go with the recommended size. In case you are between sizes and

generally like to wear your shirt on the looser side, take one size up.

How to determine your perfect shirt size:

a.)  The chest measurement is the most important infor-

mation for picking your perfect shirt size. Start choosing
your international size by comparing the value of your chest measurement with the specifications supplied in row five.

b.) After you determined the right size, go ahead and see what your measurement in length will suggest. If your torso length is  less than or equal to the information supplied on row six, go with the standard size. If it is longer, you may take the long version.

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